Everybody knows what it means to grow like a weed.

But how do they do it? And how can we put their system to work in our businesses?

Welcome to Weed Strategy™. Weed dominate by leveraging a fierce mindset and cultivated unfair advantages against collective scale. They do it according to a dynamic process honed over millions of years, yet able to adapt quickly to any disruption, and programmed directly into their DNA. And all of it can be applied to growing any enterprise.

Weed Mindset


Weeds don’t have brains, so it’s odd to think of them having a mindset. But just watch them operate. They’re fierce and aggressive, adaptive and resilient. They even act as though they’re optimistic. When they suffer a setback, they immediately start rebuilding. They never give up.


Weeds never do anything without an unfair advantage. But they’re not unearned. Through their evolution, weeds have devised ingenious strategies, attributes and tools to out-compete rivals. Their seeds spread further, they work harder and grow faster. They always win.

Weed Consulting Scale


Weeds understand their power is in numbers. A single dandelion is no big deal. But they never show up alone. We’re taught to be self-reliant, which stunts our ability to scale anything. The weeds are telling us we must root out all forms of 1:1 leverage to scale like a weed.

Fierce Process


In our world, process is how expertise is gathered and distributed, enabling every team to function as experts. For weeds, process is how they steer their evolution and direct their every move. Theirs is also a highly dynamic process that moves quickly to beat any challenge.

Weeds never do anything without an unfair advantage.
Neither should you.


Highly-mobile seeds ensure rapid expansion of territory. How can that same strategy create massive spread for your business?


Seed pods loft seeds to maximize their effect. What multipliers exist to help you create an even greater spread in your market?


When weeds win territory they defend it ferociously. How can you create your own thorns to protect your turf?


Weeds mitigate damage from inevitable risks. How are you defending against recessions and other disruptions?


Unfair advantages give weeds force multipliers that allow them to dominate. How will you cultivate your own?