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Stu Heinecke is a hall-of-fame nominated marketer, a Wall Street Journal cartoonist, best selling business author, and founder of, a group of prominent cartoonists from around the world who donate their art to help charities raise funds. The American Marketing Association just recognized him as “the father of Contact Marketing,” a term coined in his highly successful book, “How to Get a Meeting with Anyone”. Stu is a noted speaker and furnishes agency, training, and consulting support for clients all over the world, from his base on a beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest. He also conducts island strategy sessions aimed to produce rapid growth of client enterprises.

Stu Heinecke’s cartoons are seen by 2.1 million readers when they appear in The Wall Street Journal, but their greatest effect is seen in the results they achieve in marketing campaigns, with a long track record of direct response controls and Contact Marketing campaigns reaching as high as 100% response rates.

Get the Meeting by Stu Heinecke


Get the Meeting! continues the journey of discovery started with How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, with new case studies, campaign photography, more contact campaign strategies (added to the 20 categories introduced in How to Get a Meeting with Anyone), a new Contact Marketing model and “pocket Campaigns,” an entirely new campaign form that replaces business cards.


Stu took the business world by storm with his original book, How to Get a Meeting with Anyone. Filled with practical advice, tips, and insights, this is the book that started the Contact Marketing furor, helping sales teams, startups¬† – even CEOs – change their results by opening doors to mega-important prospects, accounts, and contacts. Inside you’ll find 20 categories of Contact Marketing campaigns to help you explore your scale.


C-Suite Meetings are Becoming Out of Reach

Highest recorded response rate
Highest recorded ROI from a Contact Marketing campaign
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Contact Marketing is remarkable for many reasons. Even though per-contact costs can be the highest of any form of marketing, the fact that it is concentrated on a handful of contacts who can change the scale of your career or business also makes it one of the most affordable forms of marketing. With response rates climbing as high as 100% and ROI in the tens, even hundreds of thousands of percent, it’s easy to see why Contact Marketing can easily produce increased market share, greater profitability, and explosive growth. And with the new model introduced in Get the Meeting!, Contact Marketers can set a new baseline for response – at 100%.

Book Stu to speak at your next event, in person or via live video. He’ll get your team fired up about the power of Contact Marketing and the ability to get meetings with virtually anyone.


You can read Stu’s books and figure it all out on your own. Or you can take the smart shortcut and get Stu’s expert consulting help to blast through the learning curve and straight to explosive growth.


We’ve been creating highly effective Contact Marketing campaigns for some of the most successful companies in the world for years. If you’re responsible for helping your team breakthrough to their top accounts, we’ll help you reach new heights.


Imagine a whole army of reps who are experts at breaking through to all of their top accounts faster and more effectively. That’s the power of Contact Marketing – and Stu’s training services. Booked live or via virtual learning platform.



The best way to spool up quickly with a Contact Marketing program for your company is to spend an intensive weekend strategy session with Stu on beautiful, quaint Whidbey Island, where he is based. the session starts the evening before with a ten-course gourmet meal at the Inn at Langley. The following two days are devoted to auditing your current contact process, then creating several test campaigns you and your team will be able to create and run in-house. Sessions are private or semi-private groups.

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Sessions take place in the tiny, charming seaside town of Langley, on Whidbey Island in Washington. The town is just two single-blocks with an alley between, nestled on a cliffside over the waters of Puget Sound. Just twenty miles north of Seattle, Whidbey is a relaxing blend of tall Douglas fir forests and quaint waterfront farms – the perfect place to clear your head and get some serious creative work done. Fly commercial airlines to SEA or private to Everett Paine Field (KPAE).

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