Weed Mindset Bootcamp

Weed Mindset™ Bootcamp

If weeds were people, they’d be the ultimate entrepreneurs.

A weed mindset.

Weeds are natural disruptors, collaborators and process-builders. If that doesn’t describe the ultimate mindset for entrepreneurs and their teams, nothing does. Imagine operating as a fierce collective, each member excitedly collaborating to explode the scale and influence of your enterprise, as they change the scale of their own lives. That’s the power of Weed Strategy™ and it all starts with the Weed Mindset Bootcamp >>

To grow like a weed, you to think and act like one.
Then multiply by a thousand.


Training starts with the four elements of Weed Strategy—mindset, unfair advantages, collective scale and fierce process—and how they work together to produce explosive growth. It’s a highly motivating mix of toughness, discipline and fantastical teamwork.


Weeds are persistent, aggressive, urgent, adaptive, resilient, even optimistic. The training uses behavioral activation and daily routines to reinforce each core attribute, making them a permanent part of who you are, and turning you into a total weed.


Weeds are aggressive and tough, but they’re also fiercely cohesive. They understand the multiplier of working together. The training also focuses on the importance of shared mission and internal movements—and how to make those happen, wherever you work.


Weeds understand the critical importance of process, It’s how they evolve, survive and thrive. It’s how they win. The training reinforces process as a critical path to upward mobility for employees, and transferable value for business owners.

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