M.E.E.T.™ Certification

Turn your sales enablement team into an elite in-house Contact Marketing agency.

The growth of an enterprise requires strategy and fuel. Sales fuels growth, but what fuels sales? Getting meetings. M.E.E.T. (Market Expansion and Engagement Team) certification puts your sales engagement team under Stu’s direct mentorship, turning them into an elite, certified, fully capable in-house agency to supercharge your sales team’s production and pipeline. Want more
growth? This is precisely the fuel you need.

Certification raises your team to whole new level,
so they can help you reach a whole new level.


Response as high as 300%. ROI in the millions of percent. Contact Marketing produces results that are off the charts. Your team will learn its secrets from the bestselling author of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, the book that started it all.


Your team will rise to a new level of proficiency, but they’ll also gain something of personal value. Each participant gets a new certification they can use the rest of their careers, including, if they wish, the “M.E.E.T.” suffix added to their names.


The ultimate goal of the program is to leave you and your team with a repeatable, trainable process that generates critically important meetings. That process, along with test-proven campaigns, will turn your team into a market penetration machine.


Upon completion, Stu will be available to provide strategic and creative consulting if, when and where needed. The process will result in an elite, standalone Contact Marketing team, but if you ever need help, you’ll never be alone.

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