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Your Messaging Has To Stand Out If You’re Going To Get The Meeting

Most meeting requests fail because they are boring, irrelevant, and built on a cookie-cutter approach. Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes: After seeing the same sales messaging over and over, both prospects and their gatekeepers tune it out. It’s as simple as that.

Stu says that your primary goal in Contact Marketing is to set your message apart from the others your prospects are receiving. That’s the only hope you have of convincing them that your solutions are worth consideration.

Stu uses his cartooning skills to create unique gifts that he sends to prospects. But since you’re likely not a cartoonist, what could you do? To give you some ideas, Stu tells the following stories…

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:58] How Stu became an editorial cartoonist
  • [9:22] What is contact marketing and why should it matter to sales professionals?
  • [15:42] How to come up with must-reply contact requests
  • [19:50] Alternative ideas for getting meetings in creative ways
  • [24:30] How Dustin used his podcast to get Mario to show up at his office for a meeting
  • [35:01] An individualized approach to sales management is often the issue

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