Project Description

2018 – Jan 30 – see the video here >

“With so many new business books and titles published each year, where do C-Suite business leaders begin to find which ones are worth the read? Best Seller TV sits down with the authors of the world’s leading business books to get it straight from the source as to what makes their books stand out from the crowd.  Learn how the business books featured here can help business owners and executives and why you should go out to buy them today.

Stu Heinecke, the author of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone: The Untapped Selling Power of Contact Marketing, is in a unique position as both a marketer and a WSJ cartoonist. He talks about creating “contact campaigns” with personalized cartoons and many other clever means to grab someone’s attention and secure meetings with critically-important accounts and prospects. Heinecke says, “the goal of Contact Marketing is not just to break through to someone, but to leave them thinking, ‘I love the way this person thinks.’” Do that, he says, and you and your team can land a meeting with virtually anyone”